By listening to a soundscape

Participate in our research / Osallistu tutkimukseen

Osallistu tutkimukseen äänien hyvinvointivaikutuksista

Welcome to participate in our study on well-being effects of breaks!

In our research, we will measure the effects of two different 10 min breaks with nature sound journey and human-made sounds. During the breaks we will measure physiological outcomes of relaxation (e.g. heart rate variability) and there will be couple of questionnaires to fill out (can be filled in Finnish or in English). The whole procedure will take less than one hour.

You don’t need previous experience of anything! You can participate if:

  • You are healthy
  • You are 18-60 years old
  • You don’t have cardio-related medication
  • You don’t have cardio-related illnesses
  • You don’t have heart arrhythmia

Instructions for preparation:

  • Please, don’t eat, smoke or drink coffee or other stimulants for 2 hours prior to the measurement
  • Please, avoid strenuous physical activity and alcohol for 24 hours prior to the measurements

If you like, we can analyze your body composition (i.e., TANITA) and give you a short feedback for free (after finishing participating in the study).

We are happy to give more information if you are interested!

More information:

Samad Esmaeilzadeh


+358 50 598 2433

Measurement takes place at Saimaa Stadiumi, Active Life Lab, Raviradantie 22b, Mikkeli

Ilmoittaudu tutkimukseen / Sign up for the research in Active Life Lab:​

Research team:

Arto Pesola

Director of Active Life Lab


+358 40 641 1504


Susanne Kumpulainen

Project manager


+358 40 648 4301


Samad Esmaeilzadeh

Postdoctoral Researcher


+358 50 598 2433

Tutkimusta rahoittaa Etelä-Savon maakuntaliitto

AKKE (Alueiden kestävän kasvun ja elinvoiman tukemisen määräraha)